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BVH Excavating & Septic Inc. is a powerful provider of septic solutions for residential, commercial and industrial properties. We have over 13 years of experience in the excavation and septic industry, proudly serving southern Ontario.

Honest, Reliable Service
Let the experts do your dirty work! We are Licensed On-Site Sewage System Designers and Installers, which allows us to take care of your septic design, installation, repairs as well. We will protect public health and the environment, while working with each customer’s unique requirements.

The team at BVH Excavating & Septic Inc.  is familiar with and has installed and maintained a wide variety of septic systems. From conventional class 4 systems to the more complex systems that are needed on smaller properties, our professionals are well versed in all varieties. Even when a septic system cannot be installed, with township approval we can install a holding tank.

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Proud Member of OOWA- Ontario Onsite Wastewater Association & Stratford Area Builders Association

Septic System Basics for Homeowners

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